Space Island by Snoopy Beats

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15:00 Fri 22 Feb 2019

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Feb 25, 2019
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Music on the second day
Feb 24, 2019
The beach and the music
Feb 24, 2019


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Millions of years ago, Fujairah was hit by a series of asteroids that would forever change its landscape. One asteroid remained untouched and disconnected from the rest, eventually forming a spectacle that we today know as Snoopy Island.

In the young era of space exploration, there is still plenty to be discovered about the mystery of Snoopy Island and its existence. For an island to have such a magical aura around it, there must be something beyond its extraordinary formation and geology.

Whatever secrets this island holds, one thing we know for sure is that around this time of the year, between 12-3am, an electrifying blue color lights up the waters surrounding the island. Could it be signs of alien life?

This rare opportunity to discover more of the island urged us to call on eclectic experts from around the globe. Lebanon’s Fantome De Nuit, known for its unique artist collective specialized in breaking musical boundaries, and Germany’s infamous Kater Blau, with its monumental contribution to Berlin’s electronic scene, will be leading our gathering at Space Island.

Once again Snoopy Beats is calling on the curious thrill seekers to unite and discover more of the island’s magical secrets.


February 22 Friday
Fantôme de Nuit showcase//Beirut

Beirut based independent Record Label, Artist Collective, Party Brand & Podcast run by Technophile (aka Nesta), focusing on delivering cutting-edge electronic music and promoting new talents.

Nabih Esta exploded onto Beirut’s burgeoning clubbing scene as the generation-defining Nesta back in 2006. Whether at massive stadium events or more intimate club gatherings, it was hard not to catch one of his versatile and eclectic sets wrapping up or warming up for the biggest names in the industry.

For more than 10 years Skinnerbox make tremendous contributions to the wide field of electronic-music-making. Olaf Hilgenfeld and Iftah Gabbai, two talented musicians with different backgrounds, are amongst the very few that actually play electronic music live on stage. Their live shows are a great display of playfulness, artistic skills and the ability to completely improvise a thrilling performance. Over the years Skinnerbox have developed a distinctively musical and groovy style, a complex, detailed, idiomatic sound and a bunch of unique technical setups and instruments for live shows as well as studio productions.

Dancing all night and experiencing a feeling of community and togetherness is something countless generations can relate to. Ben originally fell in love with house and techno in his late teens losing himself in the music and exploring his deep-seated passion for electronic music through self-expression - namely, raving.

February 23 Saturday
KaterBlau showcase//Berlin

Having started to spin Hip-Hop records in his hometown of Frankfurt/Main he eventually ended up in Berlin, where his already very nurtured and rich musical understanding started to fall into place. Discovering a party-life that seemed to have no beginning or end, while still cooking full time to live and eat, contrasted with long hours of listening and selecting songs in the isolation and tranquility of his home. All this has shaped his distinctive, slightly plaintive and dark, moll-dominated, but in the end always uplifting style.

Welcome into the mind circus of THE SORRY ENTERTAINERS. The Berlin producers have plundered the realms of Country, Dub, Techno and their ever expanding record collection to create their album " Local Jet Set " . The result : bizarre hypnotic Clubmusic trapped somewhere between big city and baron dessert.

Event ended

15:00 Fri 22 Feb 2019